About Us


  A magic Birthday has ONE mission------

"To make your child's birthday the greatest  EVER!"

A magic Birthday provides top-notch Interactive magic for all ages. along with Family Friendly Fun - a combination that can't be beat!

Through our commitment, experience, and expertise A magic Birthday has made thousands of childhood memories that will last a lifetime!


       As a full-time professional magician I am constantly striving to delivery a high energy, fun, memorable show. As a full-time father I also understand the importance of making your child's birthday the BEST it can be. This is ONE time in life where we as parents can bring our child's dreams to life. I will let you in on a little SECRET----When I am performing at a birthday, I am thinking about what you and your child will talk about 5 & 10yrs in the future. Take lots of pictures and yes you may videotape the performance.

Believe in the MAGIC of your DREAMS !!

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